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Edgehill Chinchillas is located in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

Although a small breeder (normally around 60 adults), as well as the standard grey chinchillas, I also have some of the mutation colours including velvets (brown and black), whites (including pink whites),and beiges.Since 2011 I have also been breeding to improve the rare recessive whites chinchillas called Lowe Recessive Whites (also known as Goldbars).

I have been keeping and breeding chinchillas since 1990 and I am always happy to give honest advise to potential new chinchilla owners. On average these wonderful animals live 8 - 12 years, and some much longer, so it is important to ensure they are the right pet for you before you make a decision.

This website is not aimed at established knowledgeable breeders, but to those who are relatively new to chinchilla keeping and breeding (although you never stop learning) or anyone considering keeping chinchillas for the first time. It gives information (warts and all) on what you need to know and consider before taking on the responsibility of these wonderful animals. I would ask anyone considering purchasing a chinchilla from me (or anyone else) to carefully read the "Chinchilla Basics" section. There is a lot of misinformation about their dietary and housing needs even amongst existing owners.JUST BECOMES SOMETHING IS BEING SOLD AS SUITABLE FOR CHINCHILLAS DOES NOT MEAN IT IS .......SOME ITEMS ON THE MARKET CAN BE LETHAL TO THEM. I want any chinchilla I am re-homing to go to a permanent loving home that understand its requirements.

Like all aspects of life, individual breeders have their own views. Although much of the content are recognised facts, inevitably, some elements reflects my own personal views and maybe biased to how I choose to keep my animals. I am not known for my brevity (for which I apologise), but have tried to impart information that I believe will benefit potential/existing owners. Obviously as with similar sites, no responsibility can be taken for its contents or misinterpretation of such.

I occasionally have animals for sale and visitors are always welcome by appointment. This is without any sort of obligation to buy. I would much prefer potential new owners to visit and go away and think about it, rather than regret their decision at a later date. I am also available for any questions you may have or advise you might want.

Please note, for reasons of protecting the health of my chinchillas (i.e. to avoid the risk of introducing disease), I do not rescue, board or take back chinchillas once they have left my premises.

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Contact Details :

Tel: 01789 266024

Ask for Siân (pronounced Sharn)